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Constant Contact Solution Provider

Auditing Services Discovering your business goals & marketing efforts.


We analyze your business to understand where you want to be & what marketing you've done to date.


Discover if motivation was given to customers w/ compelling reasons to act, engage and respond.


We dive into your existing marketing productivity & deliverability and compare to industry benchmarks.


Review campaigns to ensure they're leveraging email best practices that are known to drive response.


Determine if sending habits build momentum and create the kind of connection that drives engagement.


Analysis of your list to determine size, percentage of actual customers, genuine leads & engagement level.

Visual Identity

Determine if campaigns are consistent w/ client's brand & visually tie to the email campaigns customers are seeing.

Free Consultation

This formal audit past email marketing activity is offered free of charge to new and existing clients.

Get started by providing us a few details about your project.

We will be in contact with you shortly to set up an initial consultation.

Start Up Services

Creating a professional look and feel through email marketing is a critical element in the delivery of your message. To engage readers and convey the tone and image a small business wishes to project,  we will select a template that’s appropriate to your business and is in alignment with what you hope to achieve with your outreach, be it promotion or information based.

Finally, we will customize the template to add your brand colors and logos to create an integrated, visually cohesive connection for your readers.

When it comes to content, the Start Up Service calls on the client to provide the messaging and copy. We provide basic advice on the different types of offers that can be made to prompt the reader to take action (such as limited time discounts or free advice in the form of a download) along with editorial flair and subject line recommendations based on industry best practices to maximize deliverability and open rates.

A critical element of the Start Up Service is the delivery of product training. With everything set up for you in advance, we will walk through all that has been done to prepare your first campaign, handing it off to you to schedule and send. We’ll then follow up with a short overview of Constant Contact’s reports, explaining the differences between soft and hard bounces, open rates, click throughs, and other basic reporting terms.

Finally, Email Marketing’s Social Share bar is a must have addition to any campaign, allowing your recipients to spread the word of an offer to friends and followers with the click of a mouse. Some clients may not yet be set up on social networks, or if they are, they may not be taking advantage of them by cross- pollinating their messages and offers. Being as socially aware and connected as we are, we can make specific recommendations on which social networks work best for your type of business and target demographic. We can help you understand the broader marketing strategy of managing email marketing and social media as one to garner full customer engagement.

Managed Services

Email icon

List management and segmentation services take your marketing outreach and client engagement to the next level.

We precisely divide your list based on specific data points, then refine your messaging to create offers based on analytic information. Management of your list are crucial to deliver relevant messages that resonate with subscribers.

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Web development & design.

We offer custom HTML template coding services to create a fully integrated look and feel for your subscribers.

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Using your raw content, we use our extensive marketing & communications experience to hone your message.

Utilizing industry best practices, we optimize the subject line to entice the reader to open the email and the copy to encourage the reader to take action, crafting the message to solicit the desired response.

Messaging icon

Utilization of built-in tracking and reporting functions.

Review of details including who has received emails, opened them & has clicked on which link to understand which message best resonates with audiences. We also test a variety of messages and offers to compare performance to determine how your messages should be refined to optimize customer response.

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We are responsible for every element of your engagement marketing.

Based on the analysis of your needs, we set and execute on your client’s outreach schedule and perform regular post-campaign results analysis to ensure preset goals are on track with or exceeding expectations. Based on empirical data, you make recommendations on course adjustments to steer trends in the right direction.

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We provide a training component so you gain a full understanding of how our work will benefit your business.

We will show you the ins and outs of how the toolkit works, walk you through the campaign creation, send, and data analysis process.